Foreword to Volume 1 by Marie Swift

Taken root from the popular Executive Leaders Radio broadcasts Gordon Bernhardt shares the stories and wisdom of successful business leaders with the goal of helping others achieve the same level of success.

While headlines scream the stories of corporate greed and misconduct, Gordon understood that there are many more executives in the business world whose stories are positive and even motivating. Those are the stories that interested him and those are the stories he chose to profile in order to celebrate the entrepreneurial spirit and inspire future business leaders.

Gordon J. Bernhardt, president and founder of Bernhardt Wealth Management, is himself a successful business leader. Gordon provides strategic investment management and financial planning counsel to his clients. Gordon recognizes that while fulfilling work is important, the greatest rewards come from living a well-rounded life. For that reason, he strives to relieve his clients of their financial anxieties, so that they can pursue their dreams.

Gordon prides himself on being a fiduciary advisor which means he goes beyond the minimum requirements of the suitability standard. As a fiduciary he is legally bound to put his clients’ best interests first. That includes only selecting and recommending products in the investors’ best interest; either avoid or completely disclose any conflicts of interest; before beginning work, explain all compensation, incentives, commissions and expenses; ensure expenses are fair and reasonable; and do only what is best for the investor.

My team and I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Gordon to assemble his collection of case studies. Our admiration for him as a humble, yet successful and well-respected professional has grown exponentially throughout this process. We are proud to be associated with such a worthwhile project. I know you will enjoy reading his books and sharing them with others!

Marie Swift
President and CEO
Impact Communications, Inc.

Since entering the financial services industry in 1991, Marie Swift has worked with some of the best and brightest financial advisors in the nation. She has been a columnist for major trade publications such as Finan­cial Planning magazine, Research magazine and Morn­ingstar Advisor. Her firm also represents and has worked with dozens of nationally recognized companies such as FinaMetrica Risk Profiling Software, TD Ameritrade In­stitutional, Kinder Institute of Life Planning, National Association of Personal Financial Advisors, Pershing, Schwab Advisor Services, fi360 and many more.