Foreword to Volume 2 by Herb Cohen

With a passion for educating his community’s future business leaders, Gordon Bernhardt continues to share the stories and wisdom of successful corporate executives.

As the Founder and a Host of Executive Leaders Radio, I first had the privilege of getting to know Gordon when I interviewed him for my show in 2009. Gordon, the Founder and President of Bernhardt Wealth Management in McLean, Virginia, told me about returning to his Nebraska home-town in order to visit his former elementary-school teacher who was turning 90 years old. That story said a lot to me regarding Gordon’s commitment to the human soul and to the human spirit. Gordon’s a bonder who really cares about people and their well-being. I knew then that he embodies the same values as Executive Leaders Radio and would be an excellent partner in our endeavor to share the story-behind-the-story of other thriving executives.

While our show features interviews with some of the most successful business leaders in the country – sharing how they were able to build their enterprise, their management style, industry trends, challenges and opportunities ahead – we have discovered that the public really wants to get to know the person behind the mask. How old were they when they had their first job? What was their first car? What did they learn from mom that helped them in their business career? Who were their mentors? That’s where Gordon steps in. He follows-up with our guests after their radio interview and digs a little deeper to unveil the secrets to their very personal success.

Gordon is on the cutting edge of what I call “reality print.” Our world has been swept up in the reality-TV craze because of an obsession with observing the way real people live their lives – inspirational or flawed. Gordon’s profiles address that fascination with the human condition by summarizing certain defining moments of some of the most efficacious executives. Nuggets of insight from individuals worth emulating will captivate readers and help us solve our own professional challenges. By learning from other peoples’ mistakes or second-guessing their decisions, we can discover a lot about ourselves.

This is our goal when distributing the radio interviews and their corresponding case studies to students at various universities and then facilitating classroom visits or mentoring opportunities. Who better to learn from than the people who are doing it and succeeding at it? Future business men and women have the opportunity to study real-life examples of what can go wrong and how an executive’s response to a problem either worked or didn’t work. They discover every-day experiences that impacted who that individual became and how they operate in the business world, now.

With his own keen interest in learning about and from these outstanding individuals, I am impressed by the depth and the quality of Gordon’s profiles and the substantial care he takes to get the stories right. Whether you are a student, a business professional, or simply someone who appreciates the lessons others have to teach, you will be heartened by this collection of Profiles in Success. Enjoy!

Herbert J. Cohen
StartUp CEO
Founder and a Host
Executive Leaders Radio

As Executive Producer and a Host of Executive Leaders Radio, Herb Cohen has been nicknamed the “Win-Win Connector” because in meeting over 900 CEOs each year (running $10million – $16billion businesses) he seeks to introduce mutually beneficial opportunities among C-level executives and students and young business professionals. An active entrepreneur in his own right since the age of 19, Cohen has co-founded several small-businesses and organizations including, QuiqMeds, Pennsylvania Private Investors Group, The Pros Video and The Pros Entertainers. His academic innovations consist of co-founding the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton Entrepreneurial Network, Fairleigh Dickinson Entrepreneurial Center, and the Center for the Advancement of Study of Entrepreneurship at Temple University. Not done yet, Cohen continues to focus on his next “equity” build.